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Studio: Private Lessons and Group Classes

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered in 1 hour, 45 minute and 30 minute increments.  Part of the lesson is spent on vocal exercises that develop and train the voice, each designed specifically for the student’s needs. The technique is then applied to repertoire, returning to exercises, should difficulties occur. Every student is challenged in a positive and supportive manner, resulting in consistency and growth.

Performance Opportunities
Performing is a major part of the Studio. Besides semi-annual, formal recitals, bi-monthly “Studio Nights”, periodic Performance Workshops and Master Classes all provide ongoing opportunities to gain performance experience, improve stage presence, and increase professionalism.

*Private Lessons and Workshop /Master Classes in Bangkok, Thailand and Manila, Philippines!*  Victoria Rapanan will to return for her 9th annual teaching/performing tour to Bangkok and Manila in  late Dec. 2014-early Jan. 2015.  She will  teach  Workshops, Master Classes and private voice lessons.  Please email if interested. 

*International Lyric Academy - Viterbo, Italy:   Victoria Rapanan will join the faculty of the International Lyric Academy in Italy in the summer of 2015.  http://www.internationallyricacademy.com/